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Eckhoff & Kaltwasser Defend The City

March 3rd, 2010 by Anne Richardson · No Comments · News, Oregon artist

The tower is said to be alive.  It’s metal is warm and emanates a dim light.  If you scratch its surface, or damage it, it heals.  The keepers of the tower also track its growth rate.  It grows slowly… only a few centimeters per year, and how it does this is unknown. ( from www.defendthecity.com)

Portland can’t quit making movies. As soon as we had cameras, we were telling stories with them. After sound came in, we dropped our feature filmmaking habit. We picked it up again in the 70’s, and it has been building speed. This year we sent Cold Weather and Some Days Are Better Than Others to SXSW and October Country to the Independent Spirit awards.  In the rear view mirror we have Selfless, coming up ahead is Rid Of Me.

Aaron Katz, Matt McCormick, Donal Mosher, Michael Palmieri, Arnold Pander,  Jacob Pander and James Westby all succumbed to Portland’s low-to-no-budget filmmaking habit.

Now so have Damon Eckhoff and Sara Kaltwasser. Only they have skipped over film part of filmmaking, and gone straight for the merchandising tie ins. Meet Rubber Bunny.

Rubber Bunnies travel in packs of 20 or more, and can often be seen bouncing in and out of alleyways in the early part of the morning. They detest the smell of anything green or natural, and tend to favor living in garbage bins, piles of cardboard, or whatever else has been cast aside. They hate water, flowers, and small children.

Rubber Bunnies live in Heart City, which is perpetually menaced by the monster Skyladon, who can “emit a powerful destructive electrical energy beam from his mouth and eyes, but prefers the feeling of tearing down buildings with his claws”.

Another resident of Heart City:

Skull Bunny seems menacing at first glance, but he is actually one of Heart City’s most ardent protectors. His skull like face creates fear in most all who look upon him, including his enemies. He never sleeps, constantly watching over the city and the citizens within. His method for subduing villains: hypnosis. Once Skull bunny turns his vacant expression on an attacking villain they loose all cognitive reasoning and march themselves into Heart City’s deep and turbulent river.

Who will win? The enormous nocturnal Skyladon or the mysterious, seemingly ineffectual Skull Bunny? Follow the episodes of Skyladon vs Skull Bunny (and learn tips on how to spot Skyladon in your own home town) at www.defendthecity.com.

You can defend the city.

Damon and Sara will show you how. Here’s where to order a Skull Bunny T shirt.

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